Joining the Dots

Most people appreciate that there is a big difference between theory and practice. At school I thought I really understood the theory behind Momentum in A level Mechanics, but it turns out putting this to practice in the exam was not quite so easy! The same applies in Microsoft Excel, I regularly meet people who …

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To half or not to half, that is the question

So often, training companies offer full day courses as a standard. There are occasions where a full day course is the only viable option. However, from a learning point of view, shorter half-day courses are so much more beneficial. There are less last minute cancellations when people attend short courses, even if there is an …

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Control Yourself

Spreadsheet risk is a type of operational risk defined as “the risk associated with deriving a materially incorrect value from a spreadsheet that will be used in making a related decision”. In other words, incorrect value on spreadsheet = potentially wrong decision In other words, spreadsheet = potential disaster! What can you do to help …

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