How to use a SUMIF Formula

How to use a SUMIF formula in Excel with an example

Do you need help with a SUMIF Formula in Excel. Here is a step by step explanation and example that can help you.

A SUMIF function is a great way summing up data that meets a criterion.
The SUMIF formula enables you to sum up a column if a condition is met, e.g. add up all costs relating to food, or add up all the expenses that related to HR.

Here is an example of a SUMIF where we will find out the total expenses relating to people who work in HR.

SUMIF Excel example

sumif formula

There is also a formula called SUMIFS, which you use if want to add up the data if two criteria are met, eg work in HR and in London.

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A common alternative to a SUMIF is the use of Pivot Tables, albeit Pivot tables can do a lot more than a SUMIF.

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