Joining the Dots

Most people appreciate that there is a big difference between theory and practice. At school I thought I really understood the theory behind Momentum in A level Mechanics, but it turns out putting this to practice in the exam was not quite so easy!

The same applies in Microsoft Excel, I regularly meet people who say they understand how to create a pivot table, but have no idea why they would want to!

In all Sunbird Advisers courses, participants can submit their own spreadsheets in advance, this means that the training incorporates the participants own examples, and therefore they can instantly see, using their own data, how they can apply the theory into practice.

I also meet people who understand how to carry out complex formulas and advanced functions, but what they need is for their reports to look good! Again, by using their own spreadsheets in the training, we can instantly improve their reporting for when they are back at their desks.

There are many people that are very competent at their job, can undertake all their tasks, but are struggling to get the work done efficiently. We provide 1-2-1 spreadsheet consulting where we can go through their processes from beginning to end, and make them more streamlined. Recent feedback from a participant is as follows:

“Thank you Gina! I am now able to update my price lists with hundreds of product lines by using the new skills you taught me. Suddenly, linking 2 files and several tabs making sense of complex system data has become very workable. This will save me many, many hours. Your help has been invaluable!”

If you need help joining in the dots, please get in touch.

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