My advice to colleagues, clients and my kids!

My kids recently found out I had a blog on my website, and I instantly went up in their estimation!

Thought I would use this end of year blog to give advice to both work colleagues and clients and to my kids too.

Push yourself – don’t be afraid to try something new, you might surprise yourself – I never thought I would write a book, but then an opportunity arose, and I thought I would grab the chance – and I am now the proud author of a book all about Pivot Tables!

It is ok to say no – whilst you should strive to improve and learn and make the most of opportunities, it is also ok, once you have heard about a new project/challenge to admit that a) you don’t have time now, or b) you don’t have the right skills now – doesn’t mean if a similar project/challenge comes up in the future you will have the same response.

Take breaks – if you are at your desk and feel yourself getting colder – it might not just be because the heating has been turned down, it could be because you haven’t moved for three hours! Take breaks, get fresh air, and have a hot chocolate!

Laugh (at yourself & situations) – something I firmly believe in, sometimes if you don’t laugh, you will cry! When Outlook changes the ribbon just as you are about to teach Outlook, or you have been referring to Canadian Dollars throughout an Excel session, only to realise the participants are based in the US – just laugh, smile, and carry on!

Enjoy the holidays – don’t spend your time worrying about all things you need to do when you are back at work/school – enjoy the break, spend time with friends and family and remember to make sure you have a good giggle (and lots of sleep!).

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