Lessons of 2021


2021 taught me a lot, it was a very difficult personal year but was also a year where I learnt a lot.

When I am teaching, I often get asked, “is there a keyboard shortcut for that?” and I used to desperately want to reply with…. “Yes, but by the time you have remembered which keys to press, and simultaneously pressed 5 keys at once, have you actually saved any time?” However, last year I taught (via Teams) someone who is registered blind, and I was so inspired by the way that she used keyboard shortcuts to carry out her job. Truly inspirational and she taught me the power of shortcuts.

I learnt to appreciate the wonders of a human brain and to appreciate good health when you have it. During a bad bout of Covid, I had such brain fog, that a 45-minute 1-2-1 Excel training session required concentration levels of what felt the equivalent of a 3 hour exam.

I learnt that it is important to adapt to the needs of clients. The most obvious being remote teaching, but also adapting courses and introducing new topics and modules. Email management training has proven to be so successful as people have been working from home and have experienced email overload.

I have learnt that I love my job, and nothing is more rewarding than teaching someone a new skill where they respond “this will change my life”.

Looking forward to finding out what I will learn in 2022.

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