Peppa Pig and Me!

Recently someone said to me “I knew you taught Excel but didn’t know you ran email management courses too” so I thought it would be a good time to tell you all what I actually do!

Sometimes I feel like Miss Rabbit (if you have ever had the misfortune of watching Peppa Pig, you might know that she is famous for having multiple jobs including bus driver, dental nurse, crane operator and fire fighter!) I definitely feel like a firefighter a lot of the time, solving clients’ urgent spreadsheet problems!

Services I provide can be broadly split into three categories, consulting and teaching and a combination of the two!

Consulting, mainly Excel – I fix spreadsheet errors – that’s the firefighting part of my job! The panic call from a client “Help Gina, my spreadsheet has broken!”.

I also improve processes to make them more efficient – I have reduced reporting times for clients from days to hours.

I build reports. Most systems are great at collating data but terrible at reporting, so most data ends up in Excel, that’s where I work my magic!

What Excel work do I like best though? I love a rec! Nothing more satisfying that getting two files to reconcile!

Teaching wise I teach Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Teams and Outlook/ Email management. I have recently rolled out a 1-hour email management course for people to manage their inboxes and the feedback has been fab.

I teach all levels from absolute beginners to really experienced users. I also teach 1-2-1, small groups, large groups, demonstrations, or really large groups – scheduled to teach over 900 interns soon! Training can last anything from 1 hour to full days, and a one-off session to multiple sessions spread out over weeks, months or even years!

I might not have quite as many jobs as Miss Rabbit, but the ones I have – I really enjoy – wonder if she can say the same!

For more information, please get in touch.

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