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6 year

This week is my 6-year anniversary of setting up Sunbird Advisers (IT training and consulting)– so much has happened during that time, and it really has been life changing. My first client came through a fellow Sunderland fan’s friend’s contact and the client was someone who came from the Middle East to England to see a doctor and wanted to learn Excel whilst they were here!

Since then, clients have come through so many different channels, from my website, LinkedIn, Facebook and through IT and HR contacts as well as friends and family. Anyone can be a client, as if they use a computer, they might need IT Training and help with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook or Teams.

I enjoy that my workload is varied, I teach people who have never opened Excel before, to experienced professionals learning pivots, macros and advanced formulas. That’s the main thing I like about my job, its like a box of chocolates, until they fill out their training needs forms, I don’t know what I am going to get!

When it comes to Excel consulting, I build new spreadsheets or fix old spreadsheets, the content of the spreadsheet actually doesn’t matter. I recently worked on a cashflow forecast for what I think was a combustible engine, (I don’t even know what one is!)

I know that my clients all have a different level of experience and requirements, but it does still make me laugh when people check their excel calculation on a calculator! I am an accountant and don’t even own a traditional calculator.

I also enjoy teaching people tricks in PowerPoint which can help them save so much time, knowing which buttons help with aligning can be life changing. That might sound extreme, but honestly the number of people who have thanked me for changing their lives makes all the work worthwhile. Who knew IT training could be life changing?!

Hoping the next 6 years will be as fulfilling as the last 6 years, and please get in touch if you want me to change your life too ?

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