Same Same but Different

If ten people said they wanted a “basic Excel training course”, what are the chances that they all start with the same level of ability, require information on the same topics, apply the knowledge in the same way and all learn the topics at exactly the same pace? Zero, that’s the chance. Someone’s basic is someone else’s advanced. It is all very subjective.

So why do people think it is a good idea to go on a generic off-the-shelf Excel course? Probably because it is what has always been done.

So, is there an alternative? Of course there is. Sunbird Advisers provide bespoke tailored training.

Before the training begins: We find out the employees exact needs before the training, require each person to fill in a detailed training needs form, group people based on their level of expertise and have a recommended class size of 3-4.

During the training: We use the attendees own spreadsheets during the training to the make the training as useful and practical as possible, have plenty of practice time, we recap topics as we go along and leave lots of time for questions.

After the training: We are available for follow up questions after the training either by phone or email.
Does this approach work? See a recent testimonial below:

“Clear presentation, relevant work examples, tailored knowledge, help to anticipate errors…very helpful to fill in the blanks of my knowledge! Clear examples from my own spreadsheets that I have used straight away.”

For information on bespoke tailored training courses please click here.

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